St John's Church Lynesack

The Parish of Lynesack and Softley stems from the Church of St.John and encompasses the villages of Butterknowle, Copley, and part of Woodland as well as a few hamlets.

The area is mainly agricultural but still shows evidence of it’s pioneering days of mining and railway transport.

The pleasant countryside has many footpaths for walkers to enjoy the open air and rural freedom.

Parish Council elections 2021 - results

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Lynesack and Softley (Butterknowle)


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Lynesack and Softley (Copley Lane)

Calling all residents

Piece of land required, in Butterknowle, suitable in size for a children’s play area and equipment

The Parish Council are willing to either buy or lease on a longer lease. Do we have any farmers or land owners in the Butterknowle area that are willing to help?
Please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council on the Parish email address.

Happy children and parents!

Latest news

Now we are approaching winter and the hours of daylight are shorter, the Parish Council is asking all parishioners to show consideration when parking their cars in the villages.Please remember to leave enough space on the pavements for people with pushchairs to walk safely without having to step onto the road.

The police have advised that they will be monitoring the situation during the coming weeks.

Our villages and hamlets

Below are images and information on our villages and hamlets.

Woodland is split into 2 Parish Councils, Lynesack and Softley Parish Council and Woodland Parish Council

There is 1 further hamlet , lying between Copley and Woodland, called Lanehead.



Butterknowle is the largest of our villages, encompasing an infant and junior school along with the village hall.

Here we also find the local doctor’s surgery, post off ice and 2 public houses



Copley is the second largest village and homes a memorial village hall  along with a children’s play are, football filed and garage/workshop


South Side

A small, quite hamlet to the north of Butterknowle



Lynesack is home to the glorious St John’s Church and also a former school



Woodland is split into 2 Parish Councils as stated above.

The village itself has a school, church and small local shop




The Parish Council usually meet once a month in Butterknowle Village Hall at 7pm. Normally this meeting will be on the second Thursday in the month, any changes will be given at least a week in advance.

  • The Parish Council meet to discuss local issues
  • Support the economic diversity and prosperity of the villages
  • Review planning applications and make comment as appropriate

Date of future meetings


Our next meeting is on Thursday 15th July, 2021 at 7pm in Butterknowle village hall. Agenda to be posted.

Welcome to our new website

This site has been developed to give the residents of the area access to their Parish Council.

There is much more to come and we hope to regularly update these pages to communicate what the acouncil wishes to achieve throughout the year and what progress is being made on any current projects or issues which have been raised.

We hope that you find it both informative and interesting.